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    COMPANY PROFILECompany Profile

    Jiangsu Xinruiyuan Food Co., Ltd. is a updated comprehensive agricultural products processing and exporting enterprises that have the right of importing and exporting, and it gather the base plating, acquisition, cold storage ,deep processing and international trade to the company.the company has two factories, currently covering a total area of more than 80 acres. There are 11 constant temperature warehouses, which can store 10,000 tons of garlic, and a 8,000 square meters processing workshop. There are 12 acquisition points in Pizhou and Henan and Shandong. The company has more than 120 employees, including 20 managers.

    The company regard the quality as life, aim to create the best product in the world, and expand the sales market to the Europe, America, Middle East, southeast Asia and and other dozens of countries and regions, the high quality product and service well received by customers and trust!

    The company pays attention to food safety and quality management. and products have passed the Chinese green food certification, ISO9001, ISO22000 quality management system certification and good agricultural practice (GAP) certification. In June 2019, the company declared the Xuzhou Quality Award and the provincial quality credit AAA Level unit. Through years of unremitting efforts, the company has gradually grown into a high-quality garlic production enterprise with advanced equipment, standardized management and stable quality, and has accumulated rich experience in cultivation, planting, production and quality management of high-quality garlic. Now the company's production line is equipped with the industry's advanced garlic screening, differentiation, picking, boxing, packaging equipment, automated assembly lines and clean facilities, warehouses and other hardware facilities are in a leading position in the industry. The production process is also strictly integrated and managed in accordance with HACCP standards and the "5S" model, ensuring the stability and reliability of product quality. In conjunction with the enterprise cloud plan implemented by the national government, the company has successively signed cooperation agreements with China Telecom, Panmicro Network, and contract lock platforms to comprehensively enhance the management and business capabilities of the enterprise. In the future, we will continue to increase the construction of informatization, digitization, and intelligence, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and improve the company's development pace.

    We always believe that "quality is the fundamental of enterprise’s development, the good faith is the source of enterprise’s development, service and win-win situation is the foundation of cooperation", as "united, enterprising, pragmatic, friendly and hospitable" we will makes you believe that choose us is to choose success, choose the rest assured. Sincerely look forward to your visit!

    CORE VALUESCore Values

    Garlic industry leader
    Safety,quality is the first thing
    Integrity, dedication, innovation and hard work


    Quality first, customer first ,Brand first,
    We have a set of international quality control system to build xinruiyuan brand
    We have obtained 22000 certification, GAP certification, HACCP certification, green food certification
    We have established a product traceability system to ensure the quality of fresh garlic
    Xinruiyuan product, must be a high-quality goods


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